The Journey to cup making

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At some point in time, you probably asked yourself, Do I buy a cheap, plain, dull-looking tumbler? Do I buy one of those higher-priced glittered tumblers? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves when thinking about how to transport our favorite beverages.

I found myself being one of those people who would say, "why would I ever spend that much on a personalized cup? I don't even drink that much when I go out. I don't think I have ever even owned my own cup. I would drink at home, and when I was going out somewhere, I either didn't drink or bought something to drink. And now, I own four different cups, let me explain.

My wife came to me one day after I got home from work showing me cups that other people have made that she saw on Instagram. One part of me was like yeah, they look cool; how much does it cost (thinking my wife wanted to buy one)? She says this one is $45. I immediately was thinking $45; who would ever spend that on just a cup. She says some go up to $100; at this point, my mind was ok that's ridiculous, so I think this is something she wants for her birthday; she can see where this is going by my eye roll, so you want one of these I said; she enthusiastically said with a crazy look in her eye "I want to make them..."

I start asking the questions (as every man does). How are you going to make these? How much will it cost to make these? Do you want to make these for yourself? Do you want to sell the ones you make? Where are you going to do this at (we have minimal space, mind you)? She tells me that she wants to try and sell them, and it would be nice to make my own along the way; this way, you won't have to buy any (she knows how to get me to say yes by this point). Does it save me money? Yes. Can it make us money? Yes. So I said, if you plan on doing this, I want you to go hard and commit to it, and I will be on board. You probably thought I was going to say no to this idea. I would be lying if I didn't know about saying no, but that would have been a little selfish of me because I know that she has been sacrificing her life to take care of our two kids for the last five years being a stay at home mom and as you all know this can be daunting day after day. I could see she was getting into a routine she wasn't enjoying anymore, so I said yes to the idea.

I asked her what do we need going forward to get this off the ground. She explained that we need a cup turner and that they are on amazon for $35, and then we need some epoxy; they have it at Michaels for $35 ok we are at $75 right now, and luckily she already had some glitter from all the various projects she does with the kids so I'm like that's not bad. So a week or two goes by, and I ask her what kind of turner do you need; she said its already in our amazon cart. I go through, and after a couple of days, I finally checked out and told her that it would be here in two days. Now during these two days for it to get here, she is adding things to our grocery list that we need like gloves, popsicle sticks, measuring cups, etc. and, of course, a cup. So now we wait for it to show up. 

It has now been two days, and the delivery shows up, and It sits on the counter for about a day. I am looking at it and asking, so why are you not using it and of course, she says I was waiting for you to put it together. Here I think this thing was already together, so I get it out, put it together, and voila it works. She goes and grabs a cup, gets the epoxy, and gloves up lol. Now without any hesitation, she starts on one, and its a galaxy theme one.

 After some trial and error and a lot of epoxy this cup is done, and it weighs about 3x more than it did. We try to see what we did wrong and why it doesn't look like everyone else's cups. And so we put it aside, and we get a couple more cups to practice on; at this point, we don't make anything for awhile its more of the thinking what do we do to make this better. She then tells me about this thing called Cricut. I don't know what this thing is or what it does just that it's about $300; she says it cuts out different materials, and you can apply them to cups. I am like, that's it, she says no, you can make all sorts of things throughout the year for holidays, birthdays, celebrations, etc. so I watch some videos and think ok this is pretty cool; let's try to find one for cheaper turns out It's just best to get a new one that way we know it will last and break on us. So know we get that, and in the meantime, we make another cup, and this one is for someone in a wine group my wife is part of, and this one is perfect, and when we get the Cricut, we cut out the vinyl and stick it on the cup, and it makes the cup 50x better it looks good.


At this point, I am getting really into with her I start buying cups in bulk, glitter in bulk, I'm making a shelf for her glitter, I'm buying tables to put the Cricut on, and then I get the bright idea to build her a cup turner rack seeing that the one we purchased looked easy enough to make and so I started on it. I have to say it looks excellent and works well.

Now the operation begins, and we start making our mark on social media and trying to get the word out there through friends and family.

Tumbler rack cup turner

Glitter Swirl Tumbler

We are making cups like no one's business, and we are getting better at it but still learning. We are hoping this becomes something worth the time and money, and so far, it looks like it will. I cant wait to see where this journey takes us.

Now that I got all that out, back to my original thought,There is nothing better than having your own tumbler that strikes up conversations everywhere you go. So is it better to spend the money on something personal to you and a one of a kind tumbler... Absolutely it is! 

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  • I love your tumblers. I’ve seen so many that you’ve made, and they are definitely worth the price. Very high quality, and the personalization really makes them desireable. My wife loves hers!

    Chuck Graf le

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