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The Journey to cup making

Posted by Benjamin Smith on

The Journey to cup making

This is the journey that my wife and I went through to begin our business and start doing something we both love to do together. Which started out as a conversation and blossomed into what we have built today and where it will go tomorrow.

At some point in time, you probably asked yourself, Do I buy a cheap, plain, dull-looking tumbler? Do I buy one of those higher-priced glittered tumblers? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves when thinking about how to transport our favorite beverages. 

I found myself being one of those people who would say, "why would I ever spend that much on a personalized cup? I don't even drink that much when I go out. I don't think I have ever even owned my own cup. I would drink at home, and when I was going out somewhere, I either didn't drink or bought something to drink. And now, I own four different cups, let me explain.

My wife came to me one day after I got home from work showing me cups that other people have made that she saw on Instagram. One part of me was like yeah, they look cool; how much does it cost (thinking my wife wanted to buy one)? She says this one is $45. I immediately was thinking $45; who would ever spend that on just a cup. She says some go up to $100; at this point, my mind was ok that's ridiculous, so I think this is something she wants for her birthday; she can see where this is going by my eye roll, so you want one of these I said; she enthusiastically said with a crazy look in her eye "I want to make them..."

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